Monitor Trial Program & Mouse Trial Program

As a competitive gamer, it is important to find a monitor that best suits your playstyle. You’ll have the freedom to try out all the XL2411K or XL2546K on your personal setup for 21 days. Once your 21-day trial period is up, the kit must be returned using the prepaid return label which we will send by e-mail. Read more information about this trial on the monitor trial product pages.

  If you want more information please contact us via Twitter @ZOWIE_EU

Click on the link below for more information about the Mouse Trial Program 

Monitor Trial is available for these 2 models :


144Hz DyAc 24 inch e-Sports Monitor


240Hz DyAc⁺ 24.5 inch e-Sports Monitor

Also available : Mouse Fitting Kit
What customers say about the Monitor Trial Program?

"I am really very satisfied with the Zowie XL2546K. I really like the DyAc+ and the Color Vibrance feature. It helps a lot in games like CSGO."


"I have tested the monitor at 244 hz and it is AMAZING. I have never seen anything close to the performance of this monitor. Games like CS:GO or Fornite look amazing. 0 lag. Its performance during the game is better than before."


"The monitor is great and i'm sure It will help me in my gaming experience and allow me to reach greater heights I haven't reached before!"

What customers say about the Mouse Trial Program?

"I was pretty sure that I like the very small mice. So I went through your medium and small mice and besides the S2 all were "only OK". However, I must say that regardless of the shape, I immediately felt I had some kind of more control and accuracy than with most other mice I've used. Especially when flicking. As soon as I arrived at the ZA12 it was some kind of completely different control level and relaxed feeling. The mouse fitted nearly perfectly my natural hand form when putting it slightly on the table. I continued to retest all of the mice, also the big ones, for being sure not to miss something even better. But I could exclude one after another relatively fast and obviously. Next I went on to optimizing my sensitivity, grip alternatives, etc. at the ZA12 and found my constant setup."


"I tested the kit and i love it thank you so much!"


" I am surprised by the 3 different mousepads! Thanks for everything, I am getting the best experience, in terms of test gaming gear, of all my life."


"I think I found my model: the ZA12. Thanks again for the opportunity, I would never have thought of such a mouse shape for me."


"The perfect kit for choosing or testing new types of mouse shapes. Includes all 3 types of Zowie mouse pads, and the bungee mouse. After a couple of days with each one, I think I am clear about which is for me and which is not. I chose the S2 mice but I am between this one and their bigger brother, the S1. I was very hype on the EC series, but after a few days with them, I noticed my grip needed a bit of back palm on the mouse, like between palm and claw grip. The ZA series was next and I was almost in final choice, but one day I noticed the bump was too big for me. So I tried the S2 again (was the first on try, and not sure if it was good), and I found the perfect one for me. The FK shape series I tested on other mice, and I was not happy at all. The biggest FK is really good, better than other mice on the market with the same shape."