BenQ announces the ZOWIE DIVINA Special Edition FK-B Series Mice

Brand & Product,2019  /   2019-11-21

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Nov 21, 2019 – BenQ ZOWIE launches the DIVINA Special Edition, FK-B Series Mice.

Unlike previous FK models, the FK-B Series has a symmetrical right-handed design. The side buttons on the right side have been removed to prevent interference with a right-handed user’s grip.

The mouse cable attachment point has also been raised at an angle to lower the chance of the cable dragging on the mousepad.

The FK-B Series is equipped with a 3360 sensor and is available in three sizes, FK1+-B, FK1-B, and FK2-B. The mice also come with a report rate switch at the bottom to quickly and conveniently switch to your preferred setting.

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