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Elevate your Valorant skills with the ultimate ZOWIE Esports Class: Play like a pro, teaming up with ACEND. This comprehensive course is designed to impart advanced strategies specific to Valorant.
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acend pro player buddyg


BaddyG is a key emotional and vocal leader on the Acend Club Valorant team. He is an excellent rifler who plays with carefully calculated aggression and a dangerous game sense. The opposing team is never safe while Baddy is alive on the map as he consistently finds the perfect timing to slip through enemy defenses to create major advantages for Acend.


Baddy has been a selfless teammate, able to pick up and play a variety of roles to fit the constantly changing Valorant meta. This versatility has helped the Club win multiple regional titles in the Valorant Challengers League: East and helped continue Acend’s legacy as a premier European Valorant organization.




Since joining Acend Club, ALIVE has carved out a reputation as one of the deadliest and most consistent snipers in all of Valorant. Playing the primary Duelist role on Acend, ALIVE is constantly the tip of the spear, dashing onto sites and punching holes through enemy lines.


He has consistently placed in the top 5 performers in his role over the last two years in the Valorant Challengers League in statistics such as Average Damage per round, KDA, First Kills and overall rating.
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acend pro player TMV


TMV discovered Valorant Esports during 2020 when everyone was stuck inside and got hooked by the game’s strategic complexity. Boasting a Masters degree in coaching philosophy, TMV had rapidly become a premier analyst in the Valorant ecosystem.


The adept way that TMV breaks down complicated pro strategies using razor sharp logic and analogues to professional sports allows him to provide a unique perspective on the game. This has garnered a sizable following on both YouTube and Twitch while making him a major source of reliable strategy information for fans across the globe.





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