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Elevate your CS2 skills with the ultimate ZOWIE Esports Class: Play like a pro, teaming up with ENCE. This comprehensive course is designed to impart advanced strategies specific to CS2. ZOWIE has curated tailored tutorials to guide players seamlessly from CS:GO to CS2.
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ence pro player sunpayus


Renowned for his sniping skills, SunPayus emerged as a pivotal player for sniper, boasting an impressive 1.16 rating across 208 maps.


His contributions were instrumental in securing ENCE’s victory at ESL Challenger Valencia, marking their inaugural international title, and making a notable appearance in the IEM Cologne semi-finals. As ENCE's difference-maker in the heat of tournaments throughout 2023, SunPayus secures a remarkable sixth place in the Top 20 Players of the Year.



Nertz is known for his outstanding rifling skills, consistent high-level performances, and pivotal contributions to ENCE success in competitive tournaments, such as the ESL Pro League and BLAST.tv Paris Major circuit. His impact was evident, with stellar ratings and significant contributions, reinforcing his position as ENCE's key player.


NertZ’s impactful performances making him a formidable force, amassing accolades and garnering recognition as the 14th best player of 2023.
ence pro player nertz



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