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If you cannot provide the invoice date at this time, we can give an indication of the warranty based on the manufacturing date. Keep in mind, however, that to receive warranty you will need to provide us with the proof of purchase.

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1.) Warranty on KEY COMPONENTS such as LCD PANELS or other ACCESSORIES can have different warranty terms than the complete product. Please refer to the applicable Warranty Policy for the country in which the unit was purchased for more details. 

2.) Warranty commences from the date of purchase mentioned on the invoice / receipt of your product. To receive full warranty service a copy of your invoice has to be provided.

3.) In all cases the Warranty Policy, Terms and Conditions from the country where you have purchased your device are applicable.

4.) The Warranty Terms may vary depending on country and/or reseller. In case you experienced different warranty terms, please contact you reseller directly.

5.) Actual right on warranty will be defined once the defective device has been received by BenQ or BenQ's Approved Service Provider.

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