The new XL2566K Esports monitor will be the main display set-up for all stages of the tournament, ensuring that players have access to the best technology available to compete at the highest level.

ZOWIE's monitors are designed specifically for Esports players and offer fast response times, optimized smoothness, and customizable features to help players improve their performance.

XL2566K: ZOWIE’s First 360Hz Monitor with DyAc⁺™!

ZOWIE is dedicated to the development of professional eSports equipment and we strive to continue developing products that allow players to play at the peak of their abilities. ZOWIE is mostly identified as the platinum standard of eSports monitors. With our announcement in late 2022, we released our first 360Hz monitor with the same expected quality and performance.

XL2566K cs:go major  - 2

Smooth Gameplay Powered by Fast TN 360Hz


Catch every detail of motion and enjoy the most fluid gameplay by ZOWIE native TN 360Hz refresh rate monitor, which ensures a flawless view of fast-motion consistently.


*The simulation image is just for reference, for actual effect please experience it at first hand.

Better Clarity / Sharpness in Fast Movement

Compared to IPS 360Hz displays, DyAc⁺™ on a Fast TN 360Hz panel provides a clearer and sharper outlines of moving targets, helping players focus with less distractions from the unwanted afterimage of the motions in-game.

Convenient In-game
XL Setting to Share™

Share your own settings with a teammate, friend, or your fans. Save video profiles quickly and share conveniently through a simple user interface.

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